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Beaverton Literacy Council provides low-cost ESL classes for adults.

Founded more than 40 years ago, Beaverton Literacy Council (BLC) is a community-based, all volunteer organization. Our volunteers, many of whom have been with BLC for many years, are trained to offer positive, encouraging tutoring experiences.


The Beaverton Literacy Council provides adult instruction in English literacy, English as a Second Language, and U.S. Citizenship.

How to become a student

All new students need to take a placement test. We want to make sure that you are in a class that is not too easy or too hard. There are 6 levels of English classes.

Volunteer for BLC

Beaverton Literacy Council is completely run and staffed by volunteers; you can help! Click here for our volunteer page.

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Student Information

If you can help translate our student information into other languages, please contact admin@beavertonliteracy.org.

Thank you!

Last chance for fall classes!

All new students must take a placement test - there is one more chance to take a placement test this fall:

The next tests will be in November/December to start classes in January.

Click here if you want to receive an email when the next testing dates are near.

Click here for student resources posted by BLC teachers.