Beaverton Literacy

Low-cost English classes for adults

BLC empowers and support adult learners by teaching English and building community. Our volunteers, many of whom have been with BLC for many years, offer positive, encouraging learning experiences.

Become a student

We have many classes on Zoom - mornings, afternoons or evenings, 7 different levels. We add new students every month until March 1. We hope you will join us! For more information and to register:

Free online conversation groups!

We hope you will join our free online conversation groups! The groups start the week of January 10. They are once time each week. They continue for 8 weeks. Click to register:

You can also become a regular BLC student now - click here for information.

Join our volunteer team

We would love to have you join us! We provide training and support for volunteers who want to teach. For more information, please click here.

Thinking about volunteering?

Beaverton Literacy Council is completely run and staffed by volunteers; you can help!

Click here for our volunteer page.