Storybook 2020: My Favorite Place

This year's Storybook deadlines were almost upon us when we had to suspend classes for Covid19. Unfortunately, that meant that some students and classes weren't able to complete their work and are not represented here. We hope to have a full year of classes and a more complete Storybook next year!

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This year’s Student Storybook is dedicated to Kathi Evans, long-time President of Beaverton Literacy Council.

Kathi came to BLC as a volunteer in 2005. At that time, BLC was struggling to recover from the death of our former director, Joyce Fraser, in 2004. Kathi very soon joined the Board of Directors.

Through the years, Kathi has served in many capacities including Secretary, Treasurer and President. During this time, we have counted on her to handle many responsibilities. Due to her long service on the board, she has been a great source of perspective on board policies and past decisions. She has worked diligently as a grant writer, and is responsible for many of the grants we received. She has worked to find sites for our classes. She has handled the government reports required of our non-profit status. In recent years, she compiled our annual Storybook and oversaw its production, a very important and time-consuming task. And as a frequent volunteer at student registration sessions and textbook sales, she is often one of the first BLC volunteers our new students meet.

Recently Kathi has suffered some health issues that have caused her to decide that she can no longer continue to lead the Board of Directors, although she plans to remain a board member.

Kathi, our hats are off to you! We thank you for your dedicated service through the years.

With love and appreciation,

Jim Keniston and Ethel Campbell, volunteer coordinators on behalf of the Beaverton Literacy Council Board

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