Storybook 2018

Storybook 2018: That was then, this is now ...

The Storybook is a yearly tradition for Beaverton Literacy Council. This book gives our students the chance to work on their writing skills and provides them the chance to see their improvement in mastering what they are learning. English can be very frustrating and the students have made a huge commitment to learn the language. This is published to showcase their writing and perspectives.

The theme for 2018 was “That was then, this is now…” We commend our students’ success and effort on this journey. The stories are published as written by the students with some spelling corrections, but no other editing or modifications. We are hoping you will take pleasure in reading the stories from our hard working students.

A special thanks to all of the volunteers of BLC who are the most dedicated people I have had the honor to work beside.

Kathi Evans

President/Chairman of the Board